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Luv' & José on 192TV's Top 2500

Between December 25th and December 31st, Dutch music television channel 192 TV broadcast the TOP 2500. This is a list of the 2500 most successful hit singles that entered the Dutch Top 40 between January 2nd, 1965 and December 31st, 1984, a period when Luv' and José Hoebee reached their peak commercially. The Top 2500 is based on the data compiled by the Stichting Nederlandse Top 40, the foundation in charge of the Dutch singles chart.

Luv' scored nine hits on the Top 2500:

  • Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (1979): #2355

  • Ann-Maria (1980): #2090

  • One More Little Kissy (1980): #2025

  • My Number One (1980): #1243

  • Casanova (1979): #1085

  • Ooh, Yes I Do (1979): #1011

  • Trojan Horse (1978): #479

  • U.O.Me (1978): #417

  • You're the Greatest Lover (1978): #146

José Hoebee scored two hits on the Top 2500:

  • So Long Marianne (with Ron Brandsteder - 1984): #2091

  • I Will Follow Him (1982): #866

Unlike Radio 10's Top 4000 and NPO Radio2's Top 2000, the 192TV's Top 2500 is more favourable to Luv' and José as it only focuses on the commercial success of singles. Even if the current Dutch media don't admit it and prefer to discuss gossips, Luv's records outsold their rivals' ones (Dolly Dots, Babe, Maywood, Doris D. & The Pins...).

Click here to read the complete Top 2500.

192TV often broadcasts music videos of Luv' and José as this channel puts oldies from the 1960s to the 1980s in the spotlight. Marga Scheide was present with other Dutch music legends at the launch party of 192TV on July 29th, 2010.

From left to right: Bert van Breda, Piet Veerman, Lex Harding, Sjoukje Smit, René Kroon, Ria Valk, Nancy Boyd, Ad Bouman, Marga Scheide, Albert West, Rob de Nijs and mayor Renkema van Nijkerk at the launch party of 192TV in 2010

Source: 192TV, Michael Verkooyen

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