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Luv' Gold & Megamix '93: 30th anniversary of Luv's triumphal reunion!!!

Photo edited by Marco Rens for the Official Luv' Facebook Page

Thirty years ago precisely, on May 15th, 1993, the "Luv' Gold" compilation and a track taken from it, "Megamix '93", entered the Dutch charts. Thanks to their presence on the hit parade, the comeback of Luv's original trio was a fact. Let's remember and celebrate this particular moment in the girl group's career.


On October 27th, 1988, the original Luv' ladies (Marga Scheide, José Hoebee and Patty Brard) reunited for a unique performance on a Dutch TV charity show, "Samen", hosted by Mies Bouwman on AVRO channel, more than seven years after the group's first breakup.

Mies Bouwman interviewing Luv' (1988)

The singers later planned to record an album with British producers "Stock, Aitken & Waterman" (famous for the hits of Bananarama, Mel & Kim, Rick Astley and Kylie Minogue), but this project never materialized. José and Patty didn't want to participate in a comeback.

Marga, who trademarked Luv's name in the autumn of 1989, relaunched the trio with two other girls: Diana van Berlo and Michelle Gold (later replaced by Carina Lemoine). This new formation only scored a Top 30 single ( "Welcome To My Party") in late 1989 and a minor hit ("He's My Guy") in 1991.

Luv' in 1989: Diana van Berlo, Marga Scheide & Michelle Gold

Despite their weak chart performance, the trio remained busy on television and stage. Their Christmas show in Dubai to support Dutch marines in 1990 generated lots of publicity.

Luv' (Diana van Berlo, Marga Scheide and Carina Lemoine) with Dutch marines in Dubai (1990)

But the public missed the magic of the initial line-up, and in late 1992, Marga's Luv' (this is how the fans nicknamed this incarnation of the group) disbanded.

As for Patty, the enfant terrible of Dutch showbiz was not active on television at the time, after the disappointing viewing figures of her hidden camera TV show "Gaan met die banaan", broadcast between 1989 and 1991 on RTL Véronique (currently RTL 4). She ran a fashion boutique in The Hague. She hit the headlines in December 1992 after her partner Eric Peute, with whom she launched the "Hallo!" magazine a couple of months earlier, went bankrupt. Peute's misfortune caused Patty's financial debacle one year later.

De Telegraaf - December 12th, 1992: Eric Peute's private and financial debacle

Click here to read the article online

De Telegraaf - December 19th, 1992: Patty Brard discussing her situation after Eric Peute's bankruptcy

Click here to read the article online

Due to the Spanish publisher of the "¡Hola!" and "Hello!" magazines which filed a lawsuit against Patty Brard and Eric Peute, the Hallo! magazine was renamed Brard! in February 1993.

Volkskrant - February 15th, 1993: Hallo! changes into Brard!

Click here to read the article online.

As for José, she retired from show business in 1989 to raise her son Tim. In 1990, she planned to record a duet with her friend, the British-American singer and actor David Soul. The duo wanted to cover David's 1976 signature song, "Don't Give Up On Us Baby". This project never saw the light of day. Instead, José recorded with Piet Souer a demo of David's classic hit as part of a medley with Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush's track "Don't Give Up". This demo appeared on José's 2005 CD compilation "Alle Hits & Unieke Bonustracks".

José Hoebee & Piet Souer: Don't give up/ Don't give up on us (demo - early 1990s)

In 1992, José wrote columns about artists she admired for Story magazine.

On January 14th, 1993, "De Verleiding", a TV program on VARA/Nederland 3, featured an interview with Patty, Marga, José and their former producer Hans van Hemert. They discussed the marketing concept of the manufactured band "Luv'" (the dance routines, the image, the cooperation between the members...). Their television appearance caused a wave of positive reactions.

Luv' on "De Verleiding"

Meanwhile, nostalgia for 1970s pop and disco music spread like wildfire. The "Gold" compilations of ABBA and Boney M. sold millions of copies worldwide. It was the right moment for Luv' to make a comeback.

José's husband, record producer Will Hoebee, had a wonderful idea: why not put out a "Luv' Gold" CD with the hits from 1977-1981? Arcade Records was interested in the project and signed a deal with the three singers.

Patty Brard, Marga Scheide and José Hoebee toasting the signature of their deal with Dennis Erhatdt and Niel van Hoff of Arcade for the release of the "Luv' Gold" compilation (1993)

The CD's booklet featured a short bio of Luv's impressive career and beautiful photos.

Scans of the "Gold" booklet:

Before Luv' Gold, several compilations came out. The most significant were "Greatest Hits" (by Philips/Phonogram in 1979), "Goodbye Luv'" (by CNR/Carrere in 1981), and another "Greatest Hits" (by Mercury/Phonogram in 1989). But they were rush-released and the ladies were not involved in their conception. As a result, they were not popular, and it was too early for a resurgence of interest in Luv's music. Only the 1979's Greatest Hits spent nine weeks on the Nationale Hitparade LP Top 50 in Holland and peaked at #21. This performance is weak compared to Luv's triumph on the single charts. In the late 1970s, most of the group's fans were youngsters and bought more 7-inch singles than LPs.

Greatest Hits (1979 version)

Goodbye Luv' (1981)

Greatest Hits (1989 CD version)

A "Megamix '93" produced by Dancability (featuring Martin Boer of 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor) was added to the track listing of Luv' Gold and released as a single. It was common practice for Disco and Dance acts to conceive a Megamix. It was also an easy way to turn old into new and conquer the hit parades again.

The Dutch press covered the release of Luv's Gold CD.

The March 4th 1993 edition of De Telegraaf featured an article about José discussing the trio's comeback and Luv' Gold.

De Telegraaf - March 4th, 1993: José on Luv's reunion

Click here to read the article online

Other articles followed. The media announced Luv' Gold's release party at Amsterdam's iconic gay club "de It" combined with a one-off live show of the ladies.

Leeuwarder courant - April 7th, 1993

Click here to read the article online.

Limburgsch dagblad - April 7th, 1993

Click here to read the article online.

José discussing Luv' Gold and the trio's reunion in Free magazine - April/May 1993

April 20th, 1993, saw Megamix '93's premiere on RTL 4's "De Staatsloterijshow".

De Telegraaf - April 20th, 1993

Click here to read the article online.

Megamix '93 on "De Staatsloterijshow" (RTL 4)

Nieuwsblad van het Noorden - April 24th, 1993

Click here to read the article online.

Dutch TV commercial for Luv' Gold

On April 26th, 1993, the ladies gave a memorable performance at Amsterdam's legendary gay discotheque "de It". They were chauffeured by limousine to the famous disco like real stars. Many enthusiastic fans attended the show, as well as Dutch celebrities (including Gordon, Anita Meijer, Bonnie St. Claire, Saskia & Serge, Gerard Joling and the cast of "Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden" soap opera). TV personality and comedian Paul de Leeuw gave the group the first copy of their new CD. Luv' were back for good!!!

Luv' & Paul de Leeuw

Luv' Gold CD Launch Party at the iT Club in Amsterdam

Footage by Jan Greeve

April 27th, 1993: Report about Luv's reunion on AT5

April 29th, 1993: Item about Luv's comeback on Showtime on RTL 4

Leidsch Dagblad - April 30th, 1993

Click here to read the article online

Shortly after the trio's flamboyant show at De iT, another "Luv' Gold" release party took place in Belgium. Patty, José and Marga received the first Flemish copy of their album from Koen Wouters (lead singer of the pop-rock band "Clouseau").

Luv' and Koen Wouters of Clouseau

This promotion paid off as Gold and Megamix '93 were on the Dutch charts and sold quite well.

Luv's agenda was hectic again. The trio appeared on other TV shows. The papers and magazines kept on publishing articles about Luv's triumphal reunion.

HP/De Tijd - April 30th, 1993

Zondagsblad - 1993

May 18th, 1993: Megamix '93 on "10 om te zien" (VTM), Belgium

June 12th, 1993: You're the Greatest Lover on "Let's have a party" (RTL 4)

Article about Hans Kazan's show on RTL 4, "Let's have a party" (featuring Marga and Luv') in AD - June 12th, 1993

Click here to read the article online.

Leeuwarder courant - June 12th, 1993

Limburgsch dagblad - June 12th, 1993

Privé - June 25th, 1993: Luv' back in Belgium

July 3rd, 1993: Megamix '93 on "Nederland Muziekland" (Veronica)

Luv' backstage at Nederland Muziekland

Photo by Martin Vink

July 6th, 1993: Discover the world with Luv' (TV special taped on the British Virgin Islands)

Veronica/Nederland 2

Limburgsch dagblad - July 1st, 1993: Article to promote Luv's special on Veronica illustrated with a wrong photo showing the group's 1989 line-up

Click here to read the article online.

Nieuwsblad van het Noorden - July 6th, 1993

Click here to read the article online.

Weekend - 1993

September 9th, 1993: Dutch medley (De speeltuin/Dans je de hele nacht met mij/ik krijg een heel apart gevoel van binnen/Een kopje koffie) on "Hollandse Hit Festival" (Veronica)

The girls toured the club circuit in the Netherlands and Belgium and went on a promo tour through German-speaking countries and Denmark. They were supposed to perform on ZDF's high-rated game show "Wetten, dass..?" in Germany. Instead, they sang on "Die Oldie-Parade" (N3) and "Heino - die Show" (SAT 1).

De Telegraaf - April 27th, 1993

Click here to read the article online

Trojan Horse on "OPA – Die Oldie-Parade" on N3 (Germany)

Megamix '93 on "Heino - die Show" on SAT 1 (Germany)

Interview broadcast on Schweizer Radio DRS (Swiss station) in November 1993 (Part 1)

Interview broadcast on Schweizer Radio DRS (Swiss station) in November 1993 (Part 2)

Chart performance

On May 15th, 1993, Luv' entered Holland's hit parades with their long-awaited compilation (which later peaked at #9 on the Album Mega Top 100 and #14 on the Album Top 100) and "Megamix '93" (which reached #17 on the Mega Top 50 and #23 on the Dutch Top 40). Luv's CD spent 18 weeks on both album charts - a respectable result for a 1970s pop act whose original formation had not scored a hit since 1980. It sold 40.000 copies in the Low Countries. The megamix stayed 5 weeks on the singles charts.

From a commercial perspective, 1993 is the last year of Luv's impact on Holland's mainstream music market. Back then, the music industry was making profits and not suffering a crisis. Other "Best Of" albums or ambitious projects (like the "25 Jaar Na Waldolala" double CD and the "Completely In Luv" box set) came out later but did not reach the level of popularity of "Gold".

Record releases

Megamix '93

Released by Arcade Records in April 1993 on CD single

  • "Megamix" (Radio Version) — 2:49

U.O.Me (Waldolala)/Trojan Horse/You're The Greatest Lover/Ooh, Yes I Do

  • "You're the Greatest Lover 1993" — 3:18

  • "Megamix"

You're The Greatest Lover/Casanova/Ooh, Yes I Do/Trojan Horse/U.O.Me (Waldolala)

  • "Megamix '93" (Long Version) — 4:21

U.O.Me (Waldolala)/Trojan Horse/You're The Greatest Lover/Ooh, Yes I Do/Casanova

Luv' Gold

Released by Arcade Records on CD and cassette in April 1993 in Benelux, German-speaking countries and Denmark


  • "You're the Greatest Lover" - 2:51

  • " (Waldolala)" - 2:58

  • "Trojan Horse" - 3:25

  • "My Man - 3:05

  • "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe - 2:59

  • "Ooh, Yes I Do" - 2:58

  • "I Like Sugar Candy Kisses" - 3:36

  • "Dream, Dream" - 3:30

  • "One More Little Kissie" - 3:46

  • "Life Is On My Side" - 2:38

  • "Ann-Maria - 4:41

  • "Casanova - 3:51

  • "I.M.U.R" - 3:36

  • "Tingalingaling - 2:31

  • "Boys Goodnight" - 2:39

  • "Getaway" - 3:04

  • "Shoes off (Boots on)" - 3:07

  • "My Number One" - 3:11

  • "Who Do You Wanna Be" - 3:42

  • "Megamix '93" - 2:49

All songs written by Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer (aka Janschen & Janschens)


Hans van Hemert - producer, songwriter (track 1-19)

Martin Boer & Dick Liefting for Dancability Productions - track 20

Luv' Gold on cassette

Luv' Gold released on cassette by DIO Records (Poland)


  • Top 40 Hitdossier 1956-2005 (9e editie) by Johan van Slooten published by Gottmer Becht Groep, 2006

  • Albumdossier 1969-2002 by Johan van Slooten published by Gottmer Becht Groep, 2002

Source: Luv' blog archives, Official Luv' (Facebook), Wikipedia,,, YouTube, De Krant van Toen..

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