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Hans van Hemert's news: Story and Blokhuis Extra

* Last week, De Telegraaf published an item about the side effects of Hans van Hemert's medication for his prostate cancer. Click here to read my article about this issue.

This week's issue of Story magazine mentions the same subject. Click here to read an excerpt online.

* NTR/NPO 2 Extra will broadcast an episode of Blokhuis Extra (hosted by Leo Blokhuis and featuring the legendary Dutch record producer Hans van Hemert) tonight at 9.25 pm.

Hans discusses his fantastic career. The Music Maestro collaborated with many iconic acts, including Q65, Zen, Mouth & MacNeal (whose multi-million selling record "How Do You Do?" was a US Top 10 Hit and gave him an ASCAP award), André Hazes and...Luv' of course!!!

Hans van Hemert interviewed by Leo Blokhuis

Source: Story, NTR/NPO 2 Extra, Official Luv' (Facebook)


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