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Hans van Hemert's latest media news

* The legendary Dutch record producer, Hans van Hemert, who launched Luv' in 1976, was interviewed by Peter Douglas on NH Gooi's radio show "De Platenkast van...".

Hans van Hemert & Peter Douglas

The interview was broadcast in two parts:

The Music Maestro scored hit after hit between the late 1960s and 1980s. In addition to Luv', his other successful productions are Zen, Group 1850, Q65, The Motions, The Dukes,

Mouth & MacNeal, Sandra & Andres, American Gypsy, Liesbeth List & Ramses Shaffy, Kamahl, Trinity, Conquistador, Vulcano and Glennis Grace.

Among his most prestigious awards are:

  • Two Conamus Export Prizes (for his collaboration with the best Dutch export music acts): in 1972 (Mouth & MacNeal) and in 1979 (Luv')

  • A Gouden Harp (Golden Harp) in 1974 for his talents as a producer

  • An ASCAP award in the United States for the song "How Do You Do" by Mouth & MacNeal

  • Forty gold and platinum records he received in the Netherlands and abroad

  • A Lifetime Achievement Award at the Buma Awards in 2017

Hans told Peter Douglas about his life and career. He mentioned his health issues (including his prostate cancer) and problems with tax authorities. He discussed the highlights of his success story including "The Elephant Song" (written for a WWF gala in 1975 in the presence of the Dutch royal family and initially meant for Frank Sinatra). "Two weeks before the gala, Frank Sinatra cancelled his appearance. I asked the vice president of PolyGram (parent company of Philips Records, Phonogram, Mercury and Fontana) for help. He got me in touch with the Australian singer Kamahl who came to Holland a couple of days later. The rest is history," Hans said.

His most successful production remains "How Do You Do" by Mouth & MacNeal, which sold 6 million copies worldwide and has been covered many times since its release in 1971.

The talented songwriter also told a funny behind-the-scenes story at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest. ABBA won the competition with "Waterloo". Mouth & MacNeal finished third with Hans van Hemert's "I See A Star (Ik Zie Een Ster)". Hans met the ladies of ABBA (Agnetha and Frida) backstage. "At the time, I was so successful that many bands, including Scandinavian ones, covered my songs. When I saw Agnetha and Frida, I thought they were the artists who covered my songs in their language. So I approached them and introduced myself to them. I said: "Hi ladies! I'm Hans van Hemert. You probably know me because you recorded my songs". The ladies didn't recognize me. So I started to sing some of my tracks accapella to them. It was embarrassing because it turned out that another Scandinavian act at the ESC had recorded my songs," Hans remembered.

Several years ago, Graham Norton, famous for his talk show on BBC One and UK commentator for the ESC since 2009, said that "I See A Star" by Mouth & MacNeal was his favourite Eurovision song. Norton's remark made Hans very proud.

Hans played his favourite songs from his back catalogue. To adapt to the playlist of "De Platenkast van..." specialized in easy listening, jazz and lounge music, he chose songs by Kamahl, Mouth & MacNeal, Sandra Reeemer, Guys 'N Dolls, Liesbeth List and other artists. Some demos were even played for the first time. The radio show didn't feature Luv's music.

Two special guests were interviewed by phone during the broadcast to express their admiration for the iconic songwriter and producer: Queen Máxima of the Netherlands (that Hans met during a luncheon in 2017) and Simon Stokvis. Hans was honoured that Her Majesty accepted to talk about him.

In October, Piet Souer, who co-wrote Luv's hits with Hans van Hemert, was already interviewed on "De Platenkast van...".

* Hans van Hemert was interviewed on "De Band om onze Harten", a program on Dorpsradio Laren to discuss the Eurovision Song Contest on February 24th. In addition to the above-mentioned track for Mouth & MacNeal, he wrote two other Eurovision songs: "Als het om de liefde gaat" by Sandra & Andres (#4 in 1972) and "The Party's Over" by Sandra Reemer (#9 in 1976). Click on the link to listen to the radio show:

* The March 3rd, 2022 edition of AD newspaper featured an article about Hans van Hemert. Luv' was mentioned in this item. Film and television scriptwriter Frederik Nelck has developed a biopic project about Holland's greatest girl group since last summer in association with Marga Scheide. "It's the story of three "girls next door" who became suddenly famous without being prepared about it," Nelck said. Hans van Hemert was approached by him. "I think it's fantastic that a concept I conceived more than 40 years ago is now enjoying a revival of interest," Hans told.

Source: Facebook (Official Luv', Hans van Hemert), Marco Rens, Martin Vink, NH Gooi, Dorpsradio Laren, AD, Spotify


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