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Hans van Hemert in "Hei & Wei"

Dernière mise à jour : 26 mars 2023

The March issue of the "Hei & Wei" magazine from Blaricum, the Netherlands, features an article about the legendary record producer and songwriter Hans van Hemert, aka Luv's father. Click here to read the online version of this article.

In late January, Dutch channel 192TV broadcast a one-hour special about Hans' greatest hits performed by iconic acts, including Mouth & MacNeal, Q65, The Motions, Ro-d-ys, Zen, Group 1850, Big Wheel, Somerset, Ramses Shaffy and Liesbeth List, Sandra & Andres, Kamahl, American Gypsy and Luv'.

Hans comes from a very artistic family. His father, Willy, was a renowned TV director. His brother Ruud was a successful film director in the 1980s. His sister Ellen is an actress and painter. His daughters and granddaughter are also talented.

When asked if there are wishes on his to-do list, Hans answers that he would like a world-famous DJ to produce his demo tracks.

Source: Hei & Wei


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