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Can't Help Falling In Luv'

Luv's latest news:

  • Marga Scheide in Weekend: "It's still difficult a half year after Michiel's passing"

The December 27th, 2023 issue of Weekend magazine featured an article about Marga Scheide. A half year after the death of her partner, Michiel Gunning, the former Luv' singer is still sad. Her friends and family are a great comfort to her. The recent birth of Michiel's third grandchild was a ray of hope. "Her name is Maxime. She was born a couple of weeks ago. I immediately visited her," Marga explained.

The announcement of Hans van Hemert's ill health brought Marga closer to her former Pygamalion despite their past tensions. "I sent him a message. We are no children anymore. You can argue, but you shouldn't keep fighting," Marga said.

There are no plans to reactivate Luv'. "Luv' is finished. One should not expect anything in that area. It's really over," Marga asserted.

  • Marga Scheide in De Telegraaf: "Anything is better than sitting at home mourning'"

The December 28th, 2023 edition of De Telegraaf featured an article about Marga Scheide in its "Privé" section (entertainment news). The charismatic blonde lady spent her first Christmas without Michiel. She went on a cruise to the Canary Islands and Madeira to avoid staying at home grieving.

  • Marga Scheide in Story

The January 3rd, 2024 edition of Story magazine included an article about Marga in which she told the same things as in Weekend and De Telegraaf.

  • Luv' on "The Story of Countdown" (part 1)

On January 4th, Part 1 of the NTR/NPO 3's documentary "The Story of Countdown" included an excerpt from Luv' receiving two Veronica awards due to their number-one hits "You're the Greatest Lover" and "Trojan Horse" on the Dutch Top 40 in 1978. Countdown was a popular Dutch music television program broadcast on Veronica from 1978 to 1994.

  • José Hoebee in Privé: "I texted David Soul every week!"

The January 10th, 2024 edition of Privé magazine featured a short interview with José Hoebee discussing the recent passing of her dear friend, the "Starsky & Hutch" actor David Soul.

In 1981, David Soul recorded an album entitled "The Best Days Of My Life" at the Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, the Netherlands. José's husband, Will Hoebee, produced this LP. José recorded background background vocals on this album. This collaboration with the American-British actor-singer led to a friendship.

The ex-lead singer of Luv' was shocked and very sad about the loss of David.

"We called and texted every week. Recently, I felt something was wrong with him because my WhatsApp message wishing him a Happy New Year remained unopened. He last visited me two years ago. Then we had a nice dinner at Restaurant Quatre Bras in my hometown, Best. It was a challenge for me. Since the death of my husband, Will, in 2012, I can't eat well because of a tic in my mouth. I was invited to London on August 28th last year to celebrate his 80th birthday. I didn't do it due to my ill health. I regret it now. I should have gone there. David has proven to be a truly loyal friend. Will and I married on October 11th, 1981, in his enormous garden in Beverly Hills. David was Will's best man at the time," José said.

When asked what was so special about their friendship, José answered: "We had the same sense of humour and always laughed a lot together. When I was about ten, my parents participated in an exchange program with Americans. As a result, we temporarily received two American girls. I learned from them the most obscene American terms and words. So, I always understood David's language. My son Tim loved him, too. I even have photos of David holding Tim on his lap as a toddler. Tim and I are not going to his funeral ceremony. We will light a candle for him at home".

  • Marga Scheide promoting Peter Boonstra's live shows

Yesterday, a nice video of Marga Scheide promoting Peter Boonstra's live performances was posted on Facebook. On March 16th and 17th, Peter will be performing at the Kumulus Theater in Maastricht, the Netherlands, as part of the "Ja, dat is Peter!" show. He'll sing songs initially performed by Rob de Nijs, Danny Vera, Madonna, ABBA, Luv', and Eurovision classics.

Source: Facebook (Official Luv', Marga Scheide, José Hoebee's Fan Page), Marco Rens, Weekend, De Telegraaf, Privé, Story, NTR, NPO 3...

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