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3 X 3 = Disco - In een groen, groen discoland (featuring Luv'): 45th anniversary!!!

The cast of « In een groen, groen discoland » (3 X 3 = Disco):

At the front: Ronny Lutam

Second row from left to right: Little Eve & Big Mouth, Trinity

Third row from left to right: Veronica Unlimited, Luv'

Fourth row: Eastwood

Following the success of Luv's breakthrough hit "U.O.Me" in the Netherlands and Flanders, TROS TV channel/Nederland 2 aired 45 years ago precisely, on April 18th, 1978, the special «In een groen, groen discoland». In addition to Luv', the music show featured other artists from Hans van Hemert's roster performing Dutch children's songs on a disco beat:

  • Ronny Lutam, a singing child star, who scored a Dutch and Flemish Top 5 hit "The Big Bear Bump", written by Willem Duyn (formely of Mouth & MacNeal) in 1977. Duyn recorded background vocals on "The Big Bear Bump".

  • Willem Duyn & Ingrid Kup aka Big Mouth & Little Eve, (follow-up project to Mouth & MacNeal), whose biggest hit "Uncle" peaked at #3 in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) in 1975.

  • Dutch pop band Eastwood that never scored a hit on the record charts.

  • Flemish disco trio Trinity, whose most significant hit "002.345.709 (That's my number)" reached #8 on the Dutch Top 40 and #4 on the Nationale Hitparade in the Netherlands as well as #4 on the BRT Top 30 and #2 on the Ultratop in Flanders in 1976.

  • Veronica Unlimited whose single "What kind of dance is this" reached #2 in the Netherlands and Flanders in 1977.

Director Laurens Leeuwenberg supervised the production of the TV special and filmed it at the Flevoschool in Huizen, the Netherlands. Media personality Ron Brandsteder played the role of the teacher, became romantically involved with Patty Brard and later married her.

Ron Bransteder

Luv' sang a medley of four songs on the TV show: We Gaan Nog Niet Naar Huis - Klein, Klein Kleutertje - Hop Marjanneke - 3 X 3 = 9.

Luv's performance included subtitles giving short information about the trio:

"Luv' is a group which has existed for one year and a half. Patty was in charge of styling for photo reports, José sang with her sisters before the formation of the group, Marga is a photo model".

At the time, the Dutch and Flemish public had just started to be familiar with the ladies as their fame was recent.

The girls also performed their smash hit "U.O.Me" on the same TV program.

Click here to watch the special in its entirety.

Luv' targeted a young audience on "In een groen, groen discoland". What a difference with the racy TV series "Het is weer zo laat!" which drew adult viewers and made them a household name in the Low Countries!

José Hoebee discussed "In een groen, groen discoland" in "The Story of Luv'", the book published by Peter Boonstra in 2015: "3x3= Disco. What a nice idea! The three sexy Luv' girls who recorded a special with children's songs with other artists produced by Hans van Hemert. Big Mouth & Little Eve, Trinity, Ron Brandsteder, and, forgive me, I forgot the other singers. The director was Laurens van L. A very nice man and a very good director. I was married then, but I noticed that Laurens was a bit interested in me. To get attention is always flattering. Laurens invited me for dinner. It was nice of him. But anytime I felt somebody was too intimate, I always asked Marga to accompany me. Laurens surely wanted a one-to-one meeting. We had a good evening together. We enjoyed wine. I later stayed at Marga's place. She drove back home in her small car. She wasn't supposed to drive because of the wine we drank, but we were young and careless. It was a short driving distance. It's not an excuse. Anyways. A car with a German license plate was driving in front of us and drove through the orange traffic light. Marga wanted to go through too. But all of a sudden, the German car braked to stop. What did this German man do? Marga stepped out of the car and said to him: "Warum stopst du?" The German recognized her and let her go. He had a story to tell for Germany. Marga later inspected her car. The hood was completely dented. She suddenly jumped on the car to fix the problem and repair the hood. We giggled a lot!"

Prior to the broadcast of "In een groen, groen discoland", Philips Records released the soundtrack of the TV program on vinyl and entitled it "3 X 3 = Disco (A Children's Opera)". One single of the same name and taken from the album came out simultaneously.

The earliest mention of "3 X 3 = Disco" in the media dated back to March 10th, 1978, in the "Platenspeurder" section of De Telegraaf.

De Telegraaf - March 10th, 1978

Click here to read the article online

Track listing

A side:

1. All Together: 'k Zag Twee Beren - Witte Zwanen, Zwarte Zwanen - Op Een Grote Paddestoel

2. Big Mouth And Little Eve: Zeg Roodkapje - In Holland Staat Een Huis - Rijen, Rijen In Een Wagentje - 3 X 3 = 9

3. Luv': We Gaan Nog Niet Naar Huis - Klein, Klein Kleutertje - Hop Marjanneke - 3 X 3 = 9

4. Ronnie: Moriaantje, Zo Zwart Als Roet - Sari Marijs - Altijd Is Kortjakje Ziek - Poesje Mauw - 3 X 3 = 9

B side:

1. Eastwood: Oh, Wat Zijn We Heden Blij - Boer Wat Zeg Je Van Mijn Kippen - Schuitje Varen, Theetje Drinken - 3 X 3 = 9

2. Trinity: Catootje - Zakdoekje Leggen - Alle Eendjes Zwemmen In Het Water - 3 X 3 = 9

3. Ron Brandsteder In Den Haag Daar Woont Een Graaf - Twee Emmertjes Water Halen - Lang Zullen Ze Leven - 3 X 3 = 9

4. Veronica Unlimited: Zevensprong - In Een Groen, Groen Knollenland - Zagen Zagen Wiede Wiede Wagen - Schipper Mag Ik Overvaren - 1, 2, 3, 4, Hoedje Van Papier


Produced by Hans van Hemert

Arrangements: Janschen & Janschens

Arranger / Conductor: Piet Souer

Illustration – Serge Stone

Photography (back cover)– Pim Westerweel

Photography (front cover)– Bart Mulder

Front cover

Back cover

3 X 3 = Disco (released as a single and taken from the LP)

Record producer Peter Koelewijn assisted by Will Hoebee (who later became José's husband) supervised a rival studio project called "De Diskoo-Kits". It featured anonymous children who performed a medley entitled "3x3=9" similar to Van Hemert's production. Koelewijn and Hoebee's version entered the Tipparade (Bubbling Under Dutch Top 40) at #29 on February 18th, 1978 and later peaked at #21. It failed to break into the Dutch Top 40.

The Dutch newspapers (including De Telegraaf) announced the broadcast of "In een groen, groen discoland".

Article in De Telegraaf about the evening TV programs on April 18th, 1978. Click here to read it online. The pop band "Eastwood" is announced as one of the participants in the TV special.

TV review about "In een groen, groen discoland" in Leeuwarder Courant on April 19th, 1978

Click here to read the article online.

Source: YouTube,,,, Blog archives, Facebook (Siegfried Stelte)

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