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René Muthert (Patty Brard's ex-husband) in Story: "If she wants war, she can have it!"

René Muthert & Patty Brard in happier times

The October 4th issue of Story magazine features an article about Patty Brard and her former husband, musician René Muthert.

Patty and René were married between 1999 and 2004. Click here to read an excerpt online.

Last month, La Brard caused a sensation when she announced the launch of "PATTY", a series with five episodes based on her life, broadcast on RTL's streaming platform "Videoland". According to the ex-Luv' singer, Will Koopman, who directs the series, will review her 'entire life'. It means Patty's turbulent marriage to René is back on the radar, as it may be part of the script.

After her bankruptcy in 1993 due to her toxic relationship with the now deceased Eric Peute, Patty's life was back on track when she and René appeared on the Yorin high-rated reality show "Patty's Posse" twenty years ago. Viewers were spared nothing from their heated arguments, alcohol-soaked nights out and joint bathing sessions.

René & Patty during the "Patty's Posse" era

Patty accused René of stealing money from her, which led to a divorce. Due to this scandal, René kept a low profile and was discreetly involved in rock bands, including "Persona Non Grata" and "The Chaplains". The rock musician expressed his apprehension due to Patty's series. "I was shocked when my wife saw on TV that a drama series about Patty's life was announced. I thought: "Is it going to start all over again?' From what I understand, my relationship with Patty will be dramatized again. I'm not happy about that. My marriage to Patty belongs to the past. I don't know what has been agreed and how it will be portrayed, but whatever is being dramatized: the truth is different. And the truth is not in Patty's favour. She knows it, too. All accusations Patty made at the time have been refuted. But you never hear the media talk about that," René told Story.

Patty's ex threatened the Shownieuws star with legal action. "What went on between Patty and I and some other people, that's between us. One thing is sure: the announced drama series worries me. If it goes too far, I will hire a lawyer. If Patty wants war, she can get war!" René asserted. The rock singer never responded to all the rumours that circulated about him. "It's because I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. I risk thousands of euros in fines if I talk about the content of our marriage. But on the other hand, Patty can collaborate on a book and a series about that period. I'm kind of done with that, to be honest," René added.

Source: Story, Marco Rens, Ditjes en Datjes...


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