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Patty Brard: premiere of André Hazes' documentary and Shownieuws (Roxeanne Hazes, Eddy Zoëy...)

Patty Brard backstage at Shownieuws on October 21st

On October 19th, Patty Brard and other Dutch celebrities (including Koen Kardashian van Dijk, Dries and Donny Roelvink, Rob Goossens, Rachel Hazes, Dyantha Brooks, and Guido den Aantrekker) attended the premiere of André Hazes' long-awaited documentary for Videoland at the Tuschinski movie theatre in Amsterdam.

Patty and her colleague Bart Ettekoven were there to film an item for SBS6's infotainment program "Shownieuws".

Bart Ettekoven and Patty Brard

Yesterday, the former Luv' singer appeared as a showbiz expert on Shownieuws, which drew 317.000 viewers (market share: 13/7%). She and her team discussed Roxeanne Hazes' new track. According to Hazes' followers, the song's lyrics deal with the singer's tensions with her mother, Rachel. Recently, Roxeanne mentioned her lonely and sad youth on the popular AVROTROS/NPO 1's show "Beste Zangers". Rachel and her son André publicly criticized Roxeanne's comments. Patty thought that Roxeanne's new single was not necessarily about her problems with her mother. "Rox has been, to this day, the only one who doesn't want to be associated with this family feud. Why would she release a song against her mother?" La Brard said. "From a PR perspective, Rox is the winner in this media circus. That's what I've noticed on social media," she added.

Moreover, the diva and her crew talked about the flop of the panel game "Ranking The Stars". Eddy Zoëy hosted the program on RTL 5 last year. Paul de Leeuw initially presented it between 2006 and 2020 on BNN (later named BNNVARA) and made it a success. Patty appeared in seven seasons of Ranking the Stars. When the panel game was transferred from BNNVARA to RTL 5 in 2018, Miss Brard didn't want to participate anymore. In 2023, Ranking the Stars will make its comeback on BNNVARA. Here's what Patty said about the relaunch of this TV format: "Richard Groenendijk and I had a great time doing it. We both stopped. I think they should do the same".

Source: Patty Brard's Instagram account, SBS6, SKO, Mediacourant


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