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Patty Brard on Shownieuws: talking about Guido Spek, André van Duin & Tristan van der Lingen

Here are the latest viewing figures of SBS6's infotainment news program "Shownieuws", featuring Patty Brard as a showbiz expert:

  • January 28th: 430.000 viewers/market share: 12.1%

  • February 4th: 368.000 viewers/market share: 12%

During the January 28th broadcast, Patty Brard came to the rescue of her protégé, actor-singer Guido Spek who recently participated in KRO-NCRV's quiz "De Slimste Mens". AD columnist Angela de Jong recently criticized the celebrities' weak knowledge level on the panel game. Guido Spek was particularly dissed.

"A good friend of mine, Guido Spek, is on De Slimste Mens at the moment, and he told me: "Hey Pat, don't worry! It's only a game!"? That's right," the former Luv' singer said.

"He is better at one subject than the other. He knows a lot about some things and a little less about others. It has something to do with his age, of course,” she added.

The diva thought Angela de Jong should be careful with her words. "When you're young, these remarks can be cruel," Patty asserted.

Patty Brard & Guido Spek

During yesterday's broadcast, Miss Brard discussed André van Duin's latest problems. The TV legend announced in De Telegraaf that he filed a lawsuit for blackmail. According to his lawyers Geert-Jan and Carry Knoops, the iconic presenter is falsely accused by a person and blackmailed into paying a huge sum of money. "It's a tough situation. We don't know what's going on. We tried to call everyone we knew to discuss this issue. His manager and people from his entourage refuse to talk about it," Patty explained.

The Shownieuws star thought it was a strange case. "I think the lawsuit and the false accusation are at odds with each other. If you report blackmail, you admit that something serious is happening, but I am speculating and don't want to do it. André wanted to make the news public before any entertainment news show did it," she asserted.

During the same broadcast of Shownieuws, Patty criticized Albert Verlinde's new protégé Tristan van der Lingen, who won AVROTROS' talent show "Op zoek naar Danny & Sandy", which drew 687.000 viewers (market share: 13.8%) on February 3rd. The young male singer, who came under fire just before the finale of the musical competition due to a report of an assault, will play the lead role in the new Dutch production of the iconic musical "Grease" produced by Verlinde. Patty didn't like his singing.

Patty Brard is not a fan of Tristan van der Lingen.

Source: SBS6, SKO, Mediacourant

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