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Patty Brard : Libelle (with Priscilla) + Privé + Story + Shownieuws

Mother and daughter in Libelle

On July 26th, Libelle's website posted an interview with Patty Brard and her daughter Priscilla Nasi as well as a video of the ladies as part of the "Ja of Nee" series.

Click here to read the interview and here to watch the video on Libelle TV. After an eleven-year feud, mother and daughter are now closer than ever. They discussed their ups and downs and their relationship. They commented on the photos of their past.

La Brard in Privé

Patty Brard graces the cover of the latest issue of Privé magazine. The diva was interviewed and photographed during her holiday in her newly rented Ibiza house. She is happy with her husband, Antoine van de Vijver, on her Luv island. She discusses how she found this new rental after buying a new house in Almere earlier this year. She explains that she invited her daughter Priscilla for her 40th birthday in Ibiza.

When asked about the end of her exclusive contract with Talpa TV in March, Patty answered: "I don't want to think about it. I enjoy my Kruidvat collections and the TV programs offered to me. After my holiday, I'll tell you more about my plans. A lot of nice things are expected to happen. I'm a freelancer, so I do what I want".

La Brard in Story

The latest issue of Story features an article about the former Luv' singer. She regrets that she will never be a grandma as her daughter Priscilla doesn't want to give birth to a child in our uncertain world.

* Shownieuws

On August 2nd, Patty Brard appeared as a showbiz expert on SBS6's infotainment news program "Shownieuws", which drew 479.000 viewers (market share: 22.8%).

Patty and her crew discussed Jaimie Vaes, who recently posed nude for the Dutch edition of Playboy magazine. The Dutch celebrity received €20.000 for her hot photo session. Patty, who also posed for Playboy 35 years ago, got much more money.

During the release party of the new issue of Playboy magazine, Jaimie Vaes said she and her lover Afshin were happy together again. Patty's Shownieuws colleague, Bart Ettekoven, didn't believe her as she lied to the media for years about her relationship with rapper Lil Kleine. Patty didn't care about Jaimie's credibility. "You don't wish them what they've been through. It was such a mess. It's almost a relief to hear that she is happy now. That's nice, isn't it?" Miss Brard said.

Source: Marco Rens, Libelle, Privé, Story, Shownieuws, Mediacourant...


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