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Patty Brard in Weekend: "André Hazes' story really moved me"

The latest issue of Weekend magazine features an article about Patty Brard's reaction to André Hazes' documentary on Videoland. Click here to read an excerpt.

On October 19th, the former Luv' singer attended the premiere of this long-awaited documentary series at the Tuschinski movie theatre in Amsterdam. The diva and her colleague Bart Ettekoven were there to film an item for SBS6's infotainment program "Shownieuws".

After watching André's confessions, here's what La Brard told Weekend: "Like him, I used to be too kind and I always wanted to please people around me. I identify myself to his story. When you act like this, you forget yourself".

Patty has known the Hazes children since their young years, but the documentary sheds light on a different side of André. "All of a sudden, I've seen a sad story of a boy who wants to act too much like his father. He doesn't realize that he already looks a lot like him. His story touched me deeply," Patty said.

The SBS6 star now understands the Hazes family feud a lot better. "The three of them want finally the same thing. It makes me so sad. They should communicate with each other and discuss their problems," Patty explained. Here's Miss Brard's advice to André: "This is what I want to tell him: "Dré, I've been sober for five years and you don't know how good it feels. You should start a new life and make sure you will never hate your work. Because this is secretly the best work in the world".

Source: Weekend

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