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Patty Brard in Privé

Last week's issue of Privé magazine features an article about Patty Brard, following the launch party for her latest Kruidvat collection on June 26th. The event took place at Francis Rood's Borrelbar in Amsterdam with many celebrities (including Viktor Brand, Bart Ettekoven, Dyantha Brooks, Selma van Dijk, Maureen Du Toit, Guido Spek , Sarah van Soelen and Anouk Smulders).

The SBS6 diva has been through many emotions over the past two years. She reconciled with her mother Gerda before her death last year and her daughter Priscilla. In the final months of Gerda's life, Patty did her best to enjoy every good moment with her. She often shared her joy on social media and in interviews.

Source: Privé, Marco Rens, Luv' blog archives


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