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  • Photo du rédacteurRalph Ruiz

Hans van Hemert & friends at the premiere of "Dagboek van een Herdershond"

Luv's father and legendary record producer Hans van Hemert attended the premiere of the musical "Dagboek van een Herdershond" at the Maastricht Exhibition & Conference Centre on May 8th. The show is based on the iconic TV series of the same name directed by Willy van Hemert (Hans' father) and broadcast between 1978 and 1980 on KRO/Nederland 1.

Theatrical producer and Shownieuws expert Albert Verlinde has conceived the musical.

Hans' partner Willy Betist and Getty Kaspers (formerly of the 1975 Eurovision Song Contest winning band "Teach-In") were among the other guests.

Photos by Marlous Y. Kuijer and Getty Kasper:

Hans van Hemert & Albert Verlinde

Hans & Willy Betist

Hans & Getty Kaspers

Source: Facebook (Hans van Hemert, Marlous Y. Kuijer and Getty Kasper)


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