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Chimène van Oosterhout: Spotlight On Her Latest Media Adventures

Here's Chimène van Oosterhout's news (January - April 2024):

  • The Color Purple: Dutch premiere

The multi-talented media personality attended the Dutch premiere of "The Color Purple" musical remake at The Movies in Amsterdam on January 16th.

  • Nederland Ontdekt

Chimène and Dutch entrepreneur Diederik van Nederveen appeared on the February 18th episode of "Nederland Ondekt" on RTL 4. Van Nederveen developed the "Amino Alliance", a powder with L-arginine, which ensures that more oxygen can be absorbed into the blood, with all the positive consequences that entails, such as a better night's sleep and more energy. It is suitable for everyone and is also used by top athletes.

On March 3rd, RTL 4 broadcast a special episode about the greatest moments of "Health Class" as part of "Nederland Ontdekt", including Chimène and Ferry Doedens.

  • Release party of " Het getal van de engel"

On March 6th, Chimène attended the release party of Marti Jansen's latest novel, "Het getal van de engel", whose action takes place on the mythical Route 66. This event was held at Chev's Place in Barneveld, the Netherlands.

  • Columns for Wendy

Chimène writes monthly columns for (Wendy van Dijk's online platform specialising in women's issues) and Wendy magazine.

*Column about "focus": click here to read it.

In her column posted on February 6th, the former Luv' singer discussed the concept of focus. She began by acknowledging the term's prevalence and explored how to achieve it. Chimène shared her struggles with focus, mainly due to her tendency to explore various interests and her experiences with challenges like ADHD, stress, and crises.

However, she outlined strategies to enhance her focus, such as eliminating negativity, engaging in positive projects, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and setting boundaries. She emphasised the importance of gratitude, setting goals, and prioritising self-care.

*Column about narcissism: click here to read it.

Chimène's column posted on March 23rd dealt with narcissism and its impact on victims. She reflected on recent events and personal experiences, highlighting the prevalence of narcissistic behaviour and its harmful effects. Chimène emphasised the importance of recognising and distancing oneself from narcissists to promote healing and self-worth. She encouraged individuals to prioritise their well-being and work towards making positive changes, ultimately striving to create a better world.

*Column about spring fever and sex education: click here to read it.

In her column posted on April 7th, Chimène expressed frustration with societal debates and changes, particularly regarding sex education and language usage. She questioned the need for such debates amidst more significant global issues and advocated for a focus on positivity and love, especially as spring brings a sense of renewal. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, she remained optimistic and encouraged embracing new beginnings.

*Column about emerging from winter hibernation: click here to read it.

In her column posted on April 26th, Chimène wrote about her struggle to emerge from winter lethargy and regain energy. She reflected on various possible factors contributing to her fatigue, including health issues, grief, and life changes. However, she resolved to take action to improve her mindset and physical well-being. Chimène emphasised the importance of positive thinking and announced developing her product to boost energy.

  • Chimène in Libelle: "I had all my resilience needed to survive."

The April 3rd issue of Libelle magazine featured an article about Chimène. The ex-Luv' lady had a successful career as a TV host, actress, presenter, and participant in celebrity game shows between 1996 and 2018. She battled breast cancer three times, which had a significant impact on her life.

Source: Chimène van Oosterhout on social media, YouTube, RTL 4, WendyOnline, Libelle...

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