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Chimène van Oosterhout on "De Alleskunner VIPS"

Chimène van Oosterhout recently took part in the filming of SBS6's celebrity game show "De Alleskunner VIPS" with Dutch reality star Caroline van Eeden (famous for "Chateau Meiland").

The first episode of "De Alleskunner VIPS" will be broadcast on March 11th at 8.30 pm on SBS6. In addition to Chimène and Caroline, 53 other Dutch celebrities (including Ferry Doedens, Glenn Helder, Hannelore Zwitserlood, Louisa Janssen, Justine Pelmelay, Sander Janson, Sylvia Geersen and Maureen du Toit) compete with each other in various games.

Last week, Chimène posted a video of herself and Caroline while filming the program on Instagram.

Source: Talpa, SBS6, Chimène van Oosterhout's Instagram account, RTL Boulevard, Broadcast Magazine...

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